Terry Ogden
Jail Captain

300 S Jackson St

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Telephone: (972) 825-4901
Fax: (972) 825-4995

Information: About the Position

The Detention Center Captain is responsible for the daily operations of Wayne McCollum Detention Center. The Captain oversees Detention Officers including book-in, floor, transport, SRT (Swift Response Team), and jail maintenance. He also oversees jail administration including Sergeants and Lieutenants.

About the Captain

After four years of dedicated service in the United States Marine Corps, Captain Terry Ogden began working for the Ellis County Sheriff's Office in August of 1997 as a Detention Officer. He received his Basic Jail License on the 27th of August 1997 and his Peace Officer's License on 17th of December 2001. Captain Ogden currently holds the position of Captain over detention services and holds a Masters Jailers and an Advanced Peace Officer's License.